As per the survey and reports, over 95% of internet users use internet only for YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar. Watching your favorite content live, without having to download it or save it on an external drive is the new way to go for everyone. But before you do that, you need to know few basic things, which can actually enhance your Live Streaming Experience. You cannot just expect the live streaming to work buffer-free by just having a regular internet connection. Now the 5 best tips –

  1. Always opt for the highest plan from your ISP. It comes with better speeds and better data allowance. You dont want to run out of your data in the middle of the month and then not able to watch anything. And live streaming needs a lot of bandwidth. In fact concurrent transfer rate. Even if a 4K stream needs 25Mbps at max, you need to have atleast a 100Mbps plan to keep your internet tunnel ready to transfer upto 25Mbps. In short, do not go for cheap or lowest plan possible from your ISP. You will repent.
  2. Try to get your TV connected via CAT-6 LAN cable from your router. Donot use the TV over WiFi. WiFi is always going to be patchy. But if its really impossible for you connect your TV via LAN, you may follow this 2 tutorials – this and this.
  3. If you are not able to connect your TV via LAN, make sure, you have a dedicated router in the same room as the TV and it should be on clear line of sight of the TV, without any walls as obstruction of the WiFi wave.
  4. Buy AC Dual Band Routers only. Here are few of our recommendations.
  5. Look for Optical Fiber Broadband ISP only. Dont expect concurrent speeds over Wireless ISPs. Opt for FTTH based ISP only.

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